Thursday, May 29, 2008

Producing, writing, and directing a film

"Passage to Zarahemla" was first conceived as far back as 1998. It was written first as a screenplay and later as a novel. I wrote the novel before we had raised a single dime of money to make the movie, but was bold enough to put the words "Soon to become a motion picture" right on the cover of the book. It was all intended to help bring about the reality of a movie.

I get very emotional about story projects that I undertake. Novel writing is very difficult, and after I've finished the final chapter of a book and turn it in to the publisher, I always tend to sink into a kind of depression, knowing that I have to start all over again, and fearing that I could never endure the process even one more time because of what it takes out of me.

That same emotion would have to be multiplied X's 10 with regard to making "Passage to Zarahemla." Every single phase is sooo mentally taxing. Over a million decisions have to be made--everything from which shoes a character should wear, to which camera set ups need to be scrapped in order to make a day of shooting, to which distributor will best serve the DVD. Most of the time such decisions can be divided between a producer, writer, director, song composer, and actor. But when you decide to do all five, you're asking for a mental overload of nightmare proportions. The result is the DVD that was/will be released on June 3rd.

The insane thing is that I would do it again. And I HOPE to do it again for other projects in the near future. But first...I'm going to finish the next Tennis Shoes book.

Chris Heimerdinger

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Friday, May 23, 2008