Monday, October 13, 2008

Update and Free Fix to Passage DVD

Greetings Passage Fans!

Before I get into any updates, I need to confess that for many purchasers of the DVD for "Passage to Zarahemla" there is a glitch with the "surround sound" feature. The Dolby surround sound, indeed, may not work. To tell if you have a flawed DVD, just look at the DVD disk itself and see if the "DVD" icon on the left side of the disk is colored white. If this icon is white, you need a new DVD. If it is red, then you're okay.

We want to make switching out this problem as easy as possible with as little trouble or expense to the customer. So here's the plan:

1. Send your flawed DVD to the following address:

Passage to Zarahemla, LLC
497 E. Willow Haven Cove
Draper, UT 84065

2. DO NOT SEND THE WHOLE CASE. Just send the DVD disk. You are welcome to scratch it, break it in two--whatever you gotta do. These DVDs are being taken out of circulation.

3. Include your return address. We will then send you a new DVD with the correct "surround sound" application. We will also include a free postage stamp to help offset the cost and inconvenience of you having to send your DVD to us.

If you don't have a surround sound system in your home, this offer may not matter. Your DVD should work perfectly fine. But if your home system can play surround sound using multiple speakers, you will WANT the new, fixed DVD. We deeply apologize for this problem. This glitch was a mistake of the authoring house, and doesn't cost our production company any money, so have no fear sending this in ASAP!

Many people have asked questions about the new Tennis Shoes book, new websites, etc. So here's the skinny: I am busily writing Tennis Shoes 11, which is tentatively titled "Thorns of Glory." Next year is the 20th anniversary for the whole Tennis Shoes Adventure series, so our goal is to have this 11th volume released in 2009. All I can tell you about the plot is that it deals with the last week in the life of the Savior as well as the battle at Cumorah, and many other twists and surprises. I will renew the offer that anyone who makes a purchase from can request to be sent the first chapter of the "Thorns of Glory" as a thank you for your purchase. Just state this request in the special instructions area of the order. It doesn't matter what you order. Your order can be as small as downloading a single song from the album "Whispered Visions: Songs From the Motion Picture Passage to Zarahemla." This only costs about a dollar. I highly recommend downloading "Sons of Fire" or "Good Vs. Evil." These songs are only barely represented in the actual film, and they are two of my favorite compositions.

As far as other websites for my fans, this project is a bit stalled at the moment. I would like to launch, which will have forums and every other feature that people would enjoy, but getting it launched will cost around 4K, and my funds have other priorities for the next few months. It's kind of a shame. is entirely formed and ready to go, but that last hurdle is quite expensive. In the meantime, fans can always contact me directly at And I will always try to post updates here on Bear with me. There never seems to be enough hours in a day. But I know that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Rest assured that I am chomping away. :)

In the meantime, may your testimonies grow and flourish. This is indeed the only true Church on the face of the earth, and even in the midst of the most trying times in our lives, there is great joy always to be found in the wisdom and comfort received through our Gift of the Holy Ghost. Here's the key:

Stay close to the Lord,

Chris Heimerdinger

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Teachinfourth said...

Do what you can, Chris. Your fans will still be here waiting patiently.

Katie said...

I am trying to be patient. Your books uplift and inspire. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Christina said...

From what it sounds like, this book could be the most important book in the series for building testimonies. Be extremely prayerful about this one. Don't try to rush it! Even if it is released later than you are hoping.